A third major shift in ownership in Skype is confirmed as the company is about to become a division of Microsoft.

Is this merger a benefit for the millions of Skype users, or will they migrate?

Skype, a symbol of the “flat-word” approach have taken a serious market share from old-tech phone companies.  Microsoft, the symbol of monopolistic market thinking, will have a tough job convincing the millions of Skype users that they have any user value to add in this deal.

This will be a bumpy ride for Microsoft, as the news will shake up the incredibly large user base of Skype.   Hopefully, Microsoft will follow the advice in this article in FastCompany.

The "flat world community" is fast and creative in expressing public opinion.

The uninstall icon  was soon out, end expresses the consumer fear for anything Microsoft.

Interesting further reading on this topic:  BBC,  Wired, FastCompany,

Anders, frequent Skype user in Gjøvik, Norway