The final crunch of the Roman Empire is also a story of how democracy can turn a country into a brothel.  Democratically elected Berlusconi has run the country into ruin while filling up his private and company accounts.  It is more than a joke.  It is a tragedy.  Now people in Italy need to wake up.

Reverse colonization or globalization?


For a decade, the country has consistently spent more than they have earned, and we all know where that takes us.  What we do not know, is what really happens when Italy is on its knees, and China is called in to rescue.  Now that is an interesting new situation.

For an interesting view, look to Financial Times correspondent in Rome, Guy Dinsmore: Financial Times on Italy

Are we at the beginning of “reverse colonization of Europe”  Mr Tremonti has been asking. No Mr. Tremonti, this is globalization as a two-way street.  But the road has not been taken before, so we are up for some real new learning.

Anders, Gjovik, Norway