A joint support to womens role in peace activism and political change processes.  An excellent choice though different in nature:  The price to Gbowee and Johnson-Sirleaf is for achievements in Liberia that goes some year back.  Johnson-Sirleaf has grown into an important statesman worthy of this recognition.

Gbowee stood up to become an important leader for women’s rights, social justice and human rights.  She led and inspired a movement and became an instrumental peacemaker with unconventional methods in the reconciliation process in Liberia.

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, 32 years old Tawakkol Karman also represent a similar female force, standing in the middle of a fight for democratization in Yemen, of which the outcome is still uncertain.  But she speaks with a universal voice that is strong in an Arab context that need modernization.

As was the message of Johnson-Surleaf: “Women of the world, find your voice and use it!”

Anders, from Gjøvik, Norway