As the world is getting more and more accessible for everybody, a whole lot of possibilities emerge.  But, arm in arm with the possibilities comes a whole lot of new challenges.  Just to illustrate the issue:

  • Mixed marriage – Who’s jurisdiction to follow in a divorce and its intricacies?  We see more and more “kidnappings”.
  • Traffic – Traffic signs around the world have some things in common, and a lot of differences.  When will we see more standardization and more concerns about an internationalized traffic that does not always speak local language?
  • Customer service –  Previously, export industry had extra language and cultural skills among their employees.  Today, any business or public office need the same, but continue to ignore it.
  • Sport clubs – Even local sport clubs employ foreign athletes, without having necessary competencies to administer the growing complexity.
  • Labour market – A growing flow of labour across borders is fundamental to any labour market in imbalance, and the flow will only grow in quantity;  Countries have taken this into strategies, but fail to deliver on the ground.  Counties and local communities basically have failed to adopt to a present situation, and far from being prepared for the future.
  • Criminality – Police and law enforcement are continuously running behind a development where crime is among the most globalized of any activities.

So the essence is, globalization is here now, and making numerous daily problems for the man in the street.  It worries me that not even education has adequately adapted to this reality, educating future citizens.  And the older population has little or few options for updating themselves, other than coping the best they can. Hence we have all the frustration and friction.

Anders, from a cold spring evening in Gjøvik, Norway