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The United States of America has a long tradition in keeping secrets, hiding the truth and building “smoke screens” to cover up reality.  Humongous structures of FBI, NSA, CIA and more, are built to administer it all.

Then fortunately, there are individuals who see through the madness and take actions.  Taking a huge personal risk, people like Mark Felt, Daniel Ellsberg and Thomas Drake contributed to saving an important little piece of democracy in the USA.

In the 21st century of globalization, increased transparency, increased complexity and a technological change, we need individuals like Felt, Ellsberg and Drake more than ever.

And the first ones to stick their heads out are called Assange, Manning and Snowden.  They perform a control function similar to that of investigating journalism in the 20th century, and should be our real heroes, rock stars and celebrities. We need these brave individuals in every corner of the world; – In Europe, in Russia, in China and Brasil.

Again and again we see that government will abuse power if they are not “illegally” monitored.  We need to question authorities constantly. Edward Snowden is a true hero and need public support.  The discussion he wants to take place is of fundamental importance to humanity.


Take your time and listen to this important interview.

Edward Snowden, and any other individual, need protection against abusive government and other abusive groups as large corporations, lobbyist groups etc.  The international community need to develop an attitude as well as the tools and structures to handle this.  If not, we need at least to recognize what to do when a situation like this occur.  The right thing to do is to protect Snowden in such a way that a balanced and true hearing can take place.

Anders, from the shores of a flooded Lake Mjøsa, Kapp, Norway