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WARNING:  Globalization, accessibility and increased traveling may cause harm.

Both individuals and societies are struggling to cope with globalization, causing frictions, frustrations and even severe consequences as jail sentences.

Among backpackers in South East Asia, knowledge about drug regulations in muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia is a well known fact.  Still, people get repeatedly caught and getting severe sentences.

The individual has a duty to prepare for an international travel, and to seek key information about the destination in order to avoid the most obvious pitfalls.

Nations are struggling to sync with globalization.

Dubai Skyline.  Apparently an ultra modern society?

Dubai Skyline. Apparently an ultra modern society?

On the other hand, nations are also struggling to stay synchronized with their ambitions to attract international tourism.  One example standing out is Dubai. Dubai has invested insane amounts in developing the small nation into a tourist hub and destination.  Dubai being a liberal nation on the Arab peninsula, has laws and regulations far from western standards.  Their apparent liberal (ambiguous) alcohol practice allow for consumption within the premises of large international hotels.  There are now numerous accounts of women tourists having been raped in Dubai, and when reporting the felony to the police, they end up being charged for drinking and for having sex outside of marriage.

The old saying is still valid;  When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Tourists must take better care of themselves, on one hand, and nations like Dubai have to modernize and adapt to the flat new world.

Anders, from a sunny Gjøvik, Norway.