We are all chocked and saddened by the brutality of IS, yet why do they get such a popular support from many different groups?  Do we understand what is going on, or do we act first of all to score domestic political points?

Arab Radicalization

To stop radicalization within the muslim world, the western world is discussing measures, and today France has started air strikes.  Is force an adequate measure?  Is IS the only target to bomb? In 1789 France led the world in an uprising against the aristocracy and a despot king.  Why should we now defend the aristocracy and despot kings against its people?

There are mainly two important drivers making this hole issue troublesome:

1) The distribution of wealth in the Arab world.

2) The distribution of wealth and power in the United States of America

They both need to be address in order to find the real measures to the Royal Arab Dilemma.


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Anders, from the shores of Mjøsa.