About Me

Anders Haug Thomassen

Norwegian citizen with more than 25 years of international business experience.  Introduced to the world by an AFS scholarship to Honduras.  Educated from Norwegian School of Management, specialized in International Management.  Thesis on “Importance of Cross Cultural Understanding in Business – case South Korea”.

My business life has brought me to all continents.  In Brazil, I have managed and re-structured a company during hyper inflation and economic turmoil in the late 80-ies.  In Asia, I have managed and re-structured a company during the Asian Crisis in the late 90-ies.  I have been part of an overall re-structuring process of an old family owned company moving its operations to China.  Have downsized a company in the US and been part of building up companies in Miami, the Dominican Republic, Russia and China.

What these experiences have taught me:  People make it, or break it.

So the key lies in reaching out to people’s emotions and heart, and develop a common understanding of goals.  If such a common understanding is reached with heart and logic, then the sky is the limit.

In this blog, I will focus on issues I see important in international management today, and even more so, for tomorrow.

I appreciate any comments, questions or contributions!

Other blogs I have:

Informasjonsdyret (In Norwegian)

X-Culture 4 U

Less Hypothermia

NiCE Art (English)

NiCE Art (Norwegian)

For a full profile and CV, look up http://no.linkedin.com/in/ahthomassen

Copyright 2009 Anders Haug Thomassen.  Comments, references and links are not only allowed but encouraged and appreciated!


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